Gathered Things

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Artists: Connie Geston, Lynn Dodge, Cecilia James Geston, Hannah Gonzales
Medium: Mixed Media Assemblage
Dimensions: 36H x 36W x 2D inches

Description from the Artist:

After feeling inspired to do something creative and fun with the objects that my cat, Juno, has brought home over the last two years (over 900), I conceptualized the idea of turning it into upcycled  three-dimensional art. This project not only highlights "Juno the Klepto Kat's" amusing tendency to clean up the neighborhood, but ultimately makes a statement about finding beauty in the small things, spreading joy and giving back.

This piece depicts Juno's found objects, carefully arranged in a rainbow gradient that embraces a hand-painted portrait of her.

This project came together with help from several community collaborators. Found-object artist Lynn Dodge assisted with cutting out and sketching up the wood panel for the portrait, which was painted by Cecilia (Jamey) Geston, Hannah Gonzales, and myself. We held a community art event, where people helped attach the found objects to complete the piece. It was truly a group effort, and has Juno's paw of approval!

Portions of proceeds benefit the cats and kittens of ASAP (Animal Shelter Assistance Program).

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