Mother Nature's Wary Eye

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Artist: Hal Price
Medium: Photography on Acrylic
Dimensions: 16H x 12W inches

Description from the Artist:

Mother Nature's Wary Eye

We are all blessed with this sacred home
She is mother to us all.
We have treated her so poorly
We've turned deaf ears to her call.

Mother Nature needs a break from us.
She has warned us day and night,
That our reckless disregard for her
Makes us her PARASITE!

It is time to be respectful 
It is time to all play nice
Because the wrath we make is all on us
And soon we'll pay a heavy price!

Mother Nature has her eye on us.
Her icy stare, now cold as ice!
The Power of Green begs us to save ourselves 
With conscious choice and sacrifice.

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