Little Green Giants

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Artist: Hal Price
Medium: Digital Collage
Dimensions: 14H x 14W inches, framed

Description from the Artist:

There is wonder, mystical healing and life saving power in microscopic, decaying green mold that revolts us!

In 1928, Scientist,  Dr. Alexander Fleming, a professor of bacteriology, accidentally discovered the antibiotic penicillin when some of his petri dishes became contaminated with a mold, he named, Penicillium notatum. For his discovery of penicillin, he was awarded a share of the 1945 Nobel Prize. 

Then, in March of 1953, Dr. Jonas Salk announced the success of the initial human tests to fight Polio when he developed a 'killed-virus' from green microscopic life. In 1977, Dr. Salk was the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The power of green microorganisms were used to heal the planet and save millions of lives!

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