Pucinella and Greener Pastures


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Artist: Kathleen Scarminach
Medium: Acrylic & Mixed Media
Dimensions: 12.75H x 12.75W inches

Description from the Artist:

One of my favorite things to do in Rome on a Sunday morning is to attend the puppet show put on by Pucinella aka Punch of Punch and Judy.  Within Gianicolo Hill Park the rolling green hills and charming plethora of stray cats are rivaled only by the panoramic view which stretches over broken tile rooftops, ancient ruins and Baroque domes for as far as the eye can see.  "Pucinella and Greener Pastures" represents a few hours of entertainment applauding the trials and tribulations of Pucinella known for being a trickster who incessantly tries to rise above his station without any intention of working for it.

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