Sept 26 - FREE CLASS: Alcohol Ink Painting

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This class is free to the community, but a suggested donation of $25 is welcome. ♥
Zoom Details will be provided via email upon registration.

Ages 12 - Adult
Presenter: Jo Verdis
Date: Saturday, September 26th
Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Anyone can paint with alcohol inks! This class requires no artmaking or painting experience. However, this wild and whimsical medium can also be an exciting challenge for experienced artists and may bring new perspectives to your favorite medium or art form. This class will introduce participants to many alcohol inks painting techniques that are accessible to everyone regardless of skill level. Because alcohol inks dry quickly, we will have plenty of time to work on numerous paintings. This class also introduces mixed media techniques using alcohol inks, so students of my prior classes may want to tune in for ideas on expanding your work with these fun inks to create texture, layers, and interest through the inclusion of other materials. 

Alcohol inks painting supplies list:

  • Alcohol inks
    • Purchase them at Art Essentials (Piñata brand) or Michaels (Ranger brand), or find them on websites like, and has many of them as well.
      Amazon links: Jacquard Product Pack, Ranger Ink Search, Ranger-Adirondack Pack
    • Each brand has its own unique properties. Try different brands, like Jaquard Piñata and Ranger Tim Holtz
    • Choose the colors you are drawn to. You can get a lot of colors or start with just two or three. Choose any inks in 0.5-oz bottles. (These come with fine dropper tips.)
  • Alcohol
    • You will need isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol of 91% or higher alcohol content. This is available in the first aid aisle of any drug store.
    • Get a squeeze bottle to use to apply the alcohol to your paintings with more precision. You can use something like a mustard or ketchup bottle, but the finer the tip on the squeeze bottle, the more control you will have.
  • Something to paint on
    • Link to Transparent Yupo Paper
    • Nonporous substrates like glass, metal, white glazed ceramic tiles (like the ones you would see in a kitchen or bathroom—you can get them at any hardware store; Restore in Goleta is an excellent place to get them inexpensively), Yupo paper or other synthetic paper (you can purchase these from art supply sources like the ones listed above), plastic, etc. In our class I will primarily be painting on Yupo paper.
    • You can get creative here. You can paint on stuff you find around your house—a metal trash can, votive candle holders, glass removed from a picture frame, or even aluminum foil from your kitchen cupboard.
    • You can also try painting on porous substrates (like paper, canvas, or wood). Your experience and results will be totally different than when you paint on nonporous surfaces.
    • Keep in mind that almost all alcohol inks are translucent, so the color of the surface you are painting on will show through. You will probably want to paint on white or light-colored surfaces.
    • Alcohol inks are not nontoxic, so it’s best to avoid contact with your skin. Also, the color will stain your skin, and may take a couple of days to wash off.
    • Buy them at hardware stores and online
  • Something to protect your workspace
    • Plastic sheeting, plastic garbage bag, etc.
  • A space to work in that has an open window or other ventilation.
  • Clothes you don’t mind messing up.

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