Oct 4 - FREE CLASS: Art of the Doodle

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This class is free to the community, but a suggested donation of $25 is welcome. ♥
Zoom Details and .pdf instructions will be provided via email upon registration.

Ages 12 - Adult
Presenter: Paula Brown
Date: Sunday, October 4th
Time: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Dive into an Art form that everyone can do! Easy and fun pattern “doodling” is a great simple Art form to express your inner creativity and your environment. Relax as you connect to ”in the moment” doodles to create patterns that make unique fun art designs. Get your artistic juices flowing with black and white (and color too!) sketch patterns that weave together, dot to dot, pattern to pattern, the environment and how you feel as you create a unique Art “square”.

Draw, doodle, and sketch, using easy repetitive art patterns. Begin with provided “pattern examples” and create more patterns based on what you see or feel. We will use zentangle repetitive patterns, an easy and fun art style, as we create Doodle Art from what you see and feel in the world all around you. Use these mini doodle masterpieces as card art, craft patterns, journal art, or just plain ART!

Material list:

  • Fine line black permanent marker
  • 4” squares of bond or illustration / sketch paper (at least 3 squares)
  • 3 sheets of 8x10 copy paper (can be an alternative to the 4:” squares)
  • Pencil and eraser (colored pencils if you wish to apply color, not required)
  • A hard surface to put paper on…clip board or table
  • One to two small items you found in nature.

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