Nov 7 - FREE CLASS: Holiday Rocks!

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This class is free to the community, but a suggested donation of $25 is welcome. ♥
Zoom Details will be provided via email upon registration.

Ages 8 - Adult
Presenter: Danielle Bordenave
Date: Saturday, November 7th
Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

In this class, Danielle will guide you through painting several rocks to get you in the holiday spirit.  It is recommended to have some music you enjoy listening to in the background during class.  To make the most of the 2 hours, complete prep work on your rock before class. 

How to prep a rock:

  • Rinse and dry your rock.
  • Spray/Brush on clear sealer front and back.  Let dry.
  • Pick a base color (anything you like as it will be the background).  This usually takes 2-3 coats drying between each.  You want these coats to be thin, so you might want to add a tiny bit of water to your color.

Material list:

  • 2-4 Small Round Flat Rocks (2-3 inches) 
  • Small and medium paint brushes for detail work and larger areas
  • (Optional) Dotting Tools:  Check out this link or Amazon to get your own with supplies at home. You will want 5-8 different size round items to dot with from Tiny (toothpick) to Larger (dime size). 
    • Items that can be used: toothpicks, ends of brushes, pencil erasers
  • (Optional) Paint Pens (fine tips for outlining).  If you don’t have paint pens, a fine brush works just as well.
  • Acrylic paint:  Pick your favorite holiday colors
  • Blow Dryer to help dry between layers
  • Pencil for tracing/outline/sketching

About the instructor:
Danielle just started painting rock in Feb.2020 after finding a Carp Rocks! Rock painted by Becki Norton.  After finding that first rock, she started painting rocks from bugs, flowers, phrases, hearts, stars, and mandalas.  She has been spreading  kindness rocks throughout Carpinteria since Feb 2020 during COVID-19.  Danielle is not an artist by trade.  She is a physical therapist, fitness instructor, and owner of SPARK45 Fitness and Physical Therapy that she opened in 2016 in Carpinteria. 

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