Flying too Close

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Artist: Kathi Scarminach
Medium: Acrylic & Mixed Media
Dimensions: 22h x 22w inches

Description from the Artist:

I based this painting on the poem I've Been Tricked by Flying too Close' by the 13th century Persian poet Rumi and the Greek mythological character Icarus whose wings melted from flying too close to the sun and therefore was unable to survive his transition from boyhood to manhood.  The combination of Rumi's poetry which captures the exposure of an open yet disappointed heart, and Icarus' plight both represent the on-going internal search and my own self-discovery.  I've asked myself what my boundaries are around a heartful expansion and the reverse”contraction.  When and how to heed advice from wise elders? And, what is it with my incessant recalibration between vulnerability and peaceful whole surrender. My own father was absent from my adolescence and I often wonder about the impact upon that which was missing.

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