Shiva's Third Eye

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Artist: Isaure Kelly-De la Presle
Medium: Etching with Red & Blue Inks
Dimensions: 42H x 29W inches

Description from the Artist:

Between these imprints is an invisible yet sentient space, where these passages validate themselves through compassion or brutality, where an intangible soul manifests its creations through an ego in a material world. The creative process starts by etching in a mounting board. Instinctively, I surrender to where the lines lead me to express imprints from invisible yet sentient spaces. These passages of expression validate themselves through compassion or brutality, light or darkness, legible or mystical. Once my matrix is made, it is waterproofed with several layers of acrylic medium. Then I apply the printing ink on the matrix to create a color composition. When ready, it is pressed onto a sheet of cotton printmaking paper with a high-pressure printing press. The paper picks up the ink from the etched lines, creating the print. Each original print is one of its kind!

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