Harmonic Energy Generator: Conceptual Prototype

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Artist: Paul Lau
Medium: 3D Assemblage
Dimensions: 19H x 13W inches

Description from the Artist:

This assemblage is the conceptual prototype for the actual, much larger, interactive mechanism which will generate harmonic chords when the keyboard at the base of the vertical organ type pipes is played. The playing of the keyboard will also activate the lighting system located in the energy cylinder. The more vigorously the keyboard is played the more rapidly the internal lighting will pulse.
In addition, there will be a round xylophone type keyboard that rotates around the narrow bottom of the energy cylinder. As it rotates, the three pronged claw located at the base rises and lowers gently striking the xylophone keys adding another element to the harmonic music.
To complete the experience, there will be a small searchlight mounted on the top of the energy cylinder that will randomly shoot beams of light into the sky at night.

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