Copper Falls

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Artist: John VanDewerker
Medium: Inks on Synthetic Canvas
Dimensions: 30H x 26W inches

Description from the Artist:

My objective is to photograph uniquely beautiful events or objects that are unseen and not photographed by others.  As an engineer, this quest motived me to create the Light Sculpture and secure a patent on this process in 2019. A brief on my process follows.
I prepare a free standing, complex 3D wire sculpture in a shape that anticipates future movement.  Then, in a in a dark studio, I apply heat to the sculpture until it begins to liquesce and photographically document the unfolding physical event during a single time lapse camera exposure.
The camera captures only the natural light energy emanating from the melting sculpture as it carves a permanent shape from total darkness.  This light energy also presents a dynamic color gamut that recedes to extinction on conclusion. 
This single digital image file contains the sculpted light shape plus the vast color gamut emitted during instants of state change in the melting physical sculpture.  These transitional colors are reflected black from the black background are the only light created during this process.  The final image is not an abstract; it is a photograph of a transitory, but actual unseen event.
Each published artwork I create meets my objective and is a singularity with no duplicates or copies.  Each image is signed, authenticated, and dated by me; there will be no future duplicates. That specific image is the final image.

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