"Sun Pools"

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Artist Name: Kathleen Kaller
Medium: Ink on Paper
Dimensions: 22h x 28w x1d inches

Description from the Artist:

This is work from my TidePools Collection, a body of work using Suminagashi, the ancient Japanese marbling meditation. While floating ink on water, shapes form and dance. I capture each image by immersing special paper on the surface, creating these unique prints. My soul connection to water and creation never ends. Imprinted from my youth, I spent a lot of time being immersed in oceanic life, taking in countless sunsets, noticing low tides leaving sand formations on the bayside, and then being swallowed up by the ocean at high tide. I dripped wet sand into castles, collected driftwood, and sea glass the ocean had formed into soft gems. Now a seaside Californian, I continue to find my muse in the ocean.



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