Community Voices Salon

Join us virtually to enjoy music & spoken word by local writers, poets & singer/songwriters.
Salon Moderators: Maya Shaw Gale & Cynthia Waring

Our First In-Person Salon will be on July 25th at 3 p.m.!

Next Community Voices: June 28th @ 7 p.m.

Password: 009590 

June 28th Featured Author & Musician:

Gary Delanoeye

Gary’s first two books, Checking in at the Crowbar Hotel and Letters from the Outs chronicle his experiences as a teacher at a high school within a youth correctional facility. Gary’s story for tonight, “A Good Deal” is one of a dozen stories in his current anthology of short stories, Clean Shorts.

Read excerpts from Gary's Books

Steve Stubblefield (Randy Gulasch)

Steve’s salt-of-the-earth songs speak honestly and simply about the poignancy of the human condition: from pain and reward, to corruption and recovery, to loss and the resilience to begin again.  There are no tricks, no masks, only a genuine soul seeking clarity in the static of everyday.

Randy's Bandcamp

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