Art Submission Requirements

Art Submission Requirements

2-Dimensional Art

● All artwork must be wired for hanging (see step-by-step bulletpoints, image, and video for more information)
● All artwork must be framed or mounted on a rigid substrate of a minimum of ¾ inches that is wired for hanging.
● Work on canvas must be a minimum of ¾ inch canvas with painted or finished edges.
● All artwork must be signed front or back.
● Not to exceed 70 lbs in weight due to wall weight limit.
● Unconventional 2D work will be considered. Please send an inquiry before the day of the deadline.  If accepted, artist may be required to assist in hanging. 

● If the installation team determines the gallery is not equipped to properly and safely install a piece of art, then it will not be accepted.

● Please make sure your artwork is ready to hang by following these instructions on wiring your piece properly before the ingathering:

    • Choose the location for your hanging hardware. It needs to be about 1/3 down from the top of your piece. If too high, the wire will come above the top edge. If too low, the balance will be off and the top can kick off the wall instead of hanging snuggly against the wall.

    • Attach the two D ring picture hangers or eye screws. D rings go directly on the back of the artwork supports and eye screws go on the inner edge of the supports.
      Thread and tie the wire through the hardware. Make sure the wire is then neatly wrapped around itself on both sides. You should have at least 2 inch “tail” on each side of the artwork depending on the size and weight of your piece.

    • Make sure your wire isn’t too tight or too loose.  To check for the correct amount of slack, take your finger and push up the wire, making sure the wire is a minimum of 2 inches from the top of the frame. If your wire is less than 2 inches, there is too much slack and the wire will show when hung on the wall.

    • Hang it on the wall and check that it was easy to hang up and that the wire doesn’t show. Please!!! Double check how it hangs on the wall.

CORRECT wire is a minimum of 2 inches from the top.

INCORRECT wire is less than 2 inches from the top





3-Dimensional Art

● Not to exceed 70 lbs in weight.
● Must be securely free standing or come with framework for hanging or standing.
● Pedestals are available for free standing art.


Artist's Statement or Bio

Please submit a short (1 page) Bio or update a previous Bio on file. Here is a template to help you write your Bio. Please use the template, or provide your Artist Bios in a digital text format (.pdf, .doc, .odf, .txt, etc) to

Abandoned Artwork

If artwork has not been retrieved by the artist or a duly authorized agent on the specified art pick up day(s), or if other arrangement have not been made prior to the pick up date, the Gallery will consider the artwork donated to the Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center.


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