Call to Artists!

Call for Art!
Art of the Printmakers


The next juried show taking place in the Charles Lo Bue Gallery on 865 Linden Ave in Carpinteria, on our website, and our social media platforms will be “Art of the Printmakers", featuring original prints made using hand and press printing techniques such as etching, drypoint, monoprint, woodblock, collagraph, linocut, clay, lithography, screen printing, transfer, and photopolymer plates.

The show will open on September 29th.  Jurying will be done by Bay Hallowell and Garrett Speirs on Tuesday, September 15th.  Accepted art is to be dropped off at the gallery and will be rotated in the front window at a regular basis.  Art drop-off details will be emailed to participants by September 16th.

We will need images of your art for our virtual jurying process! Take photographs of your submitted artwork to create image file, and save image file as the name of artwork and your last name (example: "RinconMountain-Rhodes"). Image files must be a jpeg with a file size minimum 1600 pixels in height or width. Email your image files by September 10th to

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Art of the Print Details

● Our Ingathering Fee has been reduced to $3 for all artists and all pieces submitted.
● Artists may replace sold artwork with another print of the same model.  In the submission title, please note the production number of the print, if applicable.
● Artwork may be hang-ready OR shrink-wrapped (See our Wiring Artwork and Bin Art sections).

2-Dimensional Art

● Height plus width may not exceed 100” and weight must not exceed 30 pounds.
● Must be framed and wired for hanging.
● Unframed work accepted on heavy-duty stretcher bars with clean edges.
● Unframed work on stretcher bars less than 1" will not be accepted.

3-Dimensional Art

● Not to exceed 40″ in any dimension.
● Should be of solid construction.
● Should be either properly wired to hang or free standing.
● We have pedestals.

Entry Fees

● $3 entry fee.
● All work must be for sale, and 40% commission goes to the Gallery on all sales. Our non-profit gallery will appreciate a 40% commission on your pieces from this exhibition that sell outside the gallery within 30 days of the show closing as a result of being in the show.

Wiring Artwork

Please make sure your artwork is ready to hang by following these instructions on wiring your piece properly before the in-gathering:

● Choose the location for your hanging hardware. It needs to be about 1/3 down from the top of your piece. If too high, the wire will come above the top edge. If too low, the balance will be off and the top can kick off the wall instead of hanging snuggly against the wall.
● Attach the two D ring picture hangers or eye screws. D rings go directly on the back of the artwork supports and eye screws go on the inner edge of the supports.
● Thread and tie the wire through the hardware. Make sure the wire is then neatly wrapped around itself on both sides. You should have at least 2 inch “tail” on each side of the artwork depending on the size and weight of your piece.
● Make sure your wire isn’t too tight or too loose.
● Hang it on the wall and check that it was easy to hang up and that the wire doesn’t show. Please!!! Double check how it hangs on the wall.

Ingathering Information

We encourage submission of works that have not graced our walls within the last 12 months.

For the benefit of all artists represented, artwork that is accepted must remain at the gallery until the last day of the show, 4 p.m., unless the buyer is leaving town or the work is to be shipped.

Artist's Statement or Bio

Artists accepted in the show are encouraged to submit a short (1 page) Bio and/or Artist's Statement or update a previous bio on file.  Please provide Artist Bios in a digital text format (.pdf, .doc, .odf, .txt, etc) to

Jewelry Ingathering

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