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Artist: Beth Cox
Medium: Photo on Metal
Dimensions: 30w x 22.5h inches

Description from the Artist:

This wild one seemed to show up on the roughest of mornings caretaking for my Uncle who began having liver failure and was subsequently diagnosed with Stage IV Bile Duct Cancer.  Just a few days prior to his passing the beauteous Starfish sat in a precocious way which simulated the middle Finger- so similar to my Uncle Jolly’s way of humor.  Since his passing I have seen other Starfish but not that particular one. I take such heart to the symbols that present themselves to me, therefore this wild one will forever be Jolly.

*Beth Cox graciously donated this piece and an identical second piece to Annette Fisher who is currently battling cancer. Annette was holding silent auctions to help raise funds for the community during the pandemic.  Annette is no longer able to hold the silent auctions so she has in turn kindly donated these pieces to the arts center.  100% of the sales will be to support the arts center.

All sales are final.